The Glory Of Granite

Today, granite stands as the premier countertop choice for homeowners and designers, alike. Granite is asethetically beautiful, all-natural, and most importantly, it can “take a beating” like no other material.  Really, what’s not to like?

Some Stone Cold Facts

  • The word “Granite” comes from the latin root word “granum,” meaning “grain.”
  • It is often imported to the U.S. from Europe, Africa, Brazil, and other parts of the world, that are rich in  natural stone.
  • The hardness of granite is so great, that it is only rivaled by diamonds. (which are used to cut and polish granite.)

The Performance of Granite in the Kitchen

  • able to handle intense heat like pots and pans, just off the stove.
  • extremely stain resistant to oil and hot grease.
  • has a cool, smooth surface that is excellent for rolling pastry dough.
  • its finish is unlikely to wear off.
  • resists bacteria

Granite as a Design Element

Since no two pieces a granite are alike, it works wonderfully as a unique element of design in the kitchen.  There is a gorgeous richness and texture to granite that isn’t seen in other materials.  Also, the fact that granite is an all-natural substance, makes a cooking and eating experience seem so much closer to nature.

Granite Countertops and Your Wallet

Your investment in granite should pay you back at least three times what you invested, and If you are planning on selling your home, often times, buys will be willing to pay more once they see the granite countertops.

Thinking about Granite in Your Kitchen?

Your first step should be choosing an appropriate color.  Even though granite is usually consists of neutral tones, perhaps you will find that a more vibrant color goes well with your kitchen design.

Since you are using such a superior product, such as granite, you should consider what type of sink might work well with it.  An undermount stainless steel sink (and stainless steel faucet) is a popular choice, as it looks beautiful, and is easy to clean around.

Next, you might want to consider upgrading your cabinet hardware.  The handles and knobs ought to reference the granite tone – it’s a great way to bring the whole kitchen design together.

All in all, Granite is a natural, elegant, and extremely durable material that remains unmatched by any other countertop option.

If you are considering granite countertops in your home, contact Master Stone Crafters, your natural stone countertop experts in the Atlanta, Georgia area!

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