Solid Surface Countertops

You probably know all about how great granite and marble can be, but solid surface countertops are often over-looked.  Solid surfaces are easy to repair, extremely durable and keep germs and bateria away.

A Little Background on Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops have been around for over 25 years, and are a product of the plastics industry.  Most of these countertops are made from thin sheets of plastic, laminated to wood or wood by-product substrates.

Popular brands of solid surface countertop materials include:

Solid Surface Repair

Fixing a blemish in a solid surface countertop is extreme simple, due to its overall impact resistance.  Cigarette burns can be sanded away, and scratches can be easy buffed out.  Virtually any type of damage can be repaired.  There does not seem to be another countertop substance so resilient.

Solid Surface and Your Health

Because this material is “non-porous,” it does not allow food or liquid to become trapped in it.  So, it prevents the build up of bateria, mold, and various germs that can be hazardous to your health.

Some Unfortunate Negatives

  • It can be damaged by excessive heat
  • It doesn’t have the charm of an all-natural material, like granite
  • The production of plastic is not always environmentally friendly

What are Some Solid Surface Alternatives?

Many people prefer natural materials like granite and marble.  Although these materials can be very beautiful, they tend to be costly and difficult to repair.  Often times, people opt for solid color laminate plastics, but these don’t offer many advantages and cost about the same as regular solid surface countertops.

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