Stone Countertop Process

1. Consultation and Design: First, one of our sales associates will help you with design selections and options either by fax, phone, email or personally in our showroom. We will discuss what type of countertop you are looking for and help you select the type of material that best suits your personal preferences, lifestyle and budget.

2. Official Measuring and Template Construction: One of our Atlanta countertop associates will come to your home or office to carefully measure the space for your new stone countertop or covering. At Master Stone Crafters, we create an actual-size template of your space to take back to our shop, which ensures accurate dimensions and angles.

3. Cut and Polish of Stone: Your countertop is cut to size using a specialized laser-sighted bridge saw. Next, we create the edging of your choice along the sides of your stone countertop, and polish the stone using a seven-step, wet diamond polishing technique. We add openings for sinks, cook tops, and other appliances. And as our final in-shop task, we apply the first coat of sealant to the surface of your nearly completed countertop!

4. Transport: Using our custom-designed installation trucks, we transport your fabricated countertop to your Atlanta area home or office. Our specialized installation trucks are based on the same design used for transporting sheet glass. It supports the stone and prevents damage and fissures. We are one of the few Atlanta granite countertop companies that utilize these special frames, ensuring that your job is completed quickly and delivered in perfect condition.

5. Installation: Where applicable, we remove old countertops or coverings. Then we begin the installation process by securing and leveling the countertops. Next, we finish seams with a custom-colored, matching adhesive and finish splashing joints, where applicable, with 100% translucent or clear silicone. Your sink will be attached and plumber ready when installation is complete. Your new, natural stone countertops will now be ready to use!










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