Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I cut/chop on my granite countertops?
A: Yes! You will not damage your granite countertops by cutting foods on them. However, you may dull your knives over time, so we recommend using a cutting board.

Q: How do I clean natural stone?
A: Granite is a very low maintenance product. Although most cleaning products, such as Windex, 409, etc., will not damage the stone, they are not recommended. For everyday cleaning, a mild soap and a soft cloth are suggested, and for best results a mixture of vinegar and water. Abrasive cleaners like Comet or SoftScrub should not be used on granite. Clean any oil or grease spills as soon as possible. Leaving greasy products on granite can penetrate into the stone over time. If this should occur, simply use K2R, which is a grease remover for fabric, or use a poultice of baking soda.

Marble, Travertine, and Limestone are more sensitive stones than granite and can scratch and stain. These stones require more maintenance; wiping down counters with warm water and soap frequently will prolong their natural beauty. Avoid abrasive cleaners, cleaners with ammonia, and placing acidic foods directly on the stone. Oil and grease can also stain marble just as they can granite. Avoid placing makeup products directly on countertops since they are often derived from oils.

Q: Can my granite countertop be damaged?
A: Everything can be damaged, but granite is extremely durable. A very heavy strike or a diamond scratch can damage your granite countertop; however, under normal usage, your granite countertop is practically indestructible. Click here to view the hardness scale.

Q: How does natural stone react to extreme temperatures
A: With extreme heat, stone will expand, but the normal heat it would be exposed to in a kitchen will have little or no effect.

Q: Will my countertop require a seam?
A: Granite slabs are typically 105″ to 115″ long. Therefore, seams are often needed if your countertop length exceeds this size. When seams are needed, we create a custom colored caulk to conceal and stabilize the seam. During your measurement session, seam locations can be discussed. Often several choices can be offered.

Q: How does the hardness of granite compare to other stones and common items/products?
A: Take a look at our Hardness Scale to see where your favorite natural stone falls! (see Ronn for Hardness Scale)

Q: Does granite stain?
A: Granite is very difficult to stain, especially when it has been sealed with an approved granite sealant. At Master Stone Crafters, we seal all our granite countertops before they leave the shop. For upkeep and maintenance, it is recommended that you reseal your granite countertops every year, which is actually a quicker and easier process than most people expect.

Q: How will granite countertops keep my family healthy?
A: According to the Marble Institute of America, the minerals found in granite are toxic to bacteria, and there is no habitable environment for bacteria to live on the surface or inside of granite countertops. In an independent study, granite was found to be second, only to stainless steel, in inhibiting bacteria growth.

Q: I’ve heard that granite can contain radon gas. What does this mean?
A: Radon is a radioactive gas that is found throughout the world in varying levels. It is produced by certain materials found in igneous rocks. The Marble Institute of America’s 2007 report The Truth About Granite & Radon/Radiation states, “Compared to other radiation sources in the home and outside, the risk to the home-owner from radioactivity emitted from a granite counter-top or tiles is practically non-existent. . . . The origins of this concern are advertisements published by manufacturers of competing materials. Levels of radiation from granite products, while technically measurable, are in thresholds for environmental safety.”

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