Common Questions About Granite Countertops

All the little details in your home, whether you know it or not, make a big difference in the way you live. Your countertops are one of these details, and many people are often left questioning which to choose. Granite? Solid surface? Stone composite? In a sense, the best countertop is simply a matter of personal opinion, as they all have their pros and cons.

Beautiful Granite Countertops

Does granite stain?

Yes, but on the other hand, all countertops do. Some granites are more porous than others, however, the highly polished kind are very resistant to staining, especially when sealed.

“Oil” stands as granite’s biggest enemy: cooking oils, olive oil, bacon grease…they all have a terribly negative effect on the material. If oil happens to seep into a granite countertop, it is possible to remove it, and sometimes it even vanishes on its own.

Nevertheless, a regular sealing will virtually always stop oil from harming a granite countertop. How should granite be sealed? Apply a clear sealer with a cotton rag, and rub it into the surface. Your granite top should only need sealing about twice a year. Such an easy thing to do, to preserve the beauty of your granite countertop.

What if a granite countertop is chipped?

Often times, children and sometimes even adults manage to crack or chip granite. When these accidents happen, most people tend to throw away the granite chunks in pure frustration. However, you should never discard this debris. Collect all of it, and make sure to call your granite fabricator. Clear-colored epoxies can be used along with the granite chips to reconstruct the top.

Are there granite “look-alikes?”

Yes! Many manufacturers are producing a countertop material that is a hybrid of natural stone and synthetic resins, that hold the stone chips together. These new products are quite stunning, and have many great qualities, but when doing a side-by-side comparison with real granite, you will quickly discover that this product comes close, but is clearly not Granite.

There is no solid answer to the countertop question. Perhaps, your kitchen remodeling project will call for a blend of all different materials. However, a beautiful, sturdy, and natural material like granite, is truly hard to resist. If you have any more questions about Granite Countertops, we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Please note we primarily service the Atlanta Metro area.

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